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Business Intelligence Strategist - Machine Learning

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A fulfillment center can appear to be a chaotic place. With millions of items moving in and out of an area twice as large as your average theme park every day, a quick peek under the roof would reveal a manic scene. You would see associates, machinery, vehicles, robots, and packages flying about at break-neck speeds and accessing a breathtaking number of shelves and bins that store products. In reality, however, this activity is all highly organized and orchestrated by software, with each movement carefully planned and optimized. However, there are times when mistakes occur: products may disappear, reappear in strange places, become damaged, or worse. When that happens, how does a fulfillment center operating at that size, speed, and scale recover gracefully and with minimal cost? How do we ensure that we meet our commitments to our customers and merchants? How do we find a needle in a haystack when we're constantly shuffling the haystack around? And how do we do it at extreme scale in an environment of constant growth?

That's where we come in, the AFT Quality team. Our goal is to prevent entropy in a system in which there are billions of transactions driven by human and robotic input across hundreds of millions of items every year. We must ensure that the virtual and physical state of the world is aligned inside hundreds of Amazon's fulfillment centers globally. When our job is done well mistakes are corrected quickly, and products are always ready to sell and ship.

We operate at a nexus of machine learning, computer vision, robotics, and healthy measure of hard-earned expertise in operations to build automated, algorithmic approaches to solving these problems at minimal cost. We create cutting edge software, building automated processes and workflows in the most complex operational problem space in the business world. So what should you expect from this role?

    •You will identify the biggest opportunities in Amazon's Fulfillment Centers
    •You will analyze the potential customer and financial impacts
    •You will work with in-house scientists, global operations teams, retail organizations, and software teams to identify new features and projects
    •You will be able to draw on the full range of AWS services as the backbone of your solutions.
    •You will join a group of the best engineers in the world, and operate in a set of interconnected small teams with absolute ownership in your domain.
    •You will identify ways to automate analysis through smarter software systems
    •You will track the realized savings and impacts, and communicate results with senior leaders

If you're ready to join our team, get in touch and we'll tell you more!

Basic Qualifications

    •Bachelor degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science or a similar quantitative field
    •5+ years of experience in building statistical models, creating matrix and dashboards to get business insight from data
    •Experience dealing with very large data stores
    •Experience in using SQL to analyse data in a database or data warehouse and be able to use a major programming (e.g. Java/C) and/or a scripting language (Python, Perl, UNIX shell) to process data for modelling
    •Experience working with a wide range of predictive and decision models and data mining techniques, as well as tools for developing such models
    •Ability to present technical results to less technical audience
    •Exceptional problem solver and fast learner

Preferred Qualifications

    •Master's degree or higher with additional experience are preferred
    •Big data and Elasticsearch/Kibana experience is preferred

Amazon is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Posted: May 16, 2019
Closes: July 15, 2019